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Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri Towers SolitaireTo conquer the hand and heart of a princess, a young knight must defeat enemies. He has to destroy three enemy magic towers, which are closing the way to his beloved.

The card game “Three Towers” has the heroes, the tower, and the problem solution. This game offers you to clear the field from cards spread out on it. You have to do it gradually, with difficulty, thinking over each step. But do not forget about time!

The game has a timer, which decreases the bonus points. You can get them in addition to your score, if you solve the problem before the container is empty. If you have zero points your pockets are empty, your dream hasn`t come true, the game is lost.

How to play

There are 52 cards in the game and you have to collect them on a stack in the center of the playing field.

Part of the cards is laid out in three triangular towers overlapping each other. All the cards are put face down except the lowest. You cannot see their value. In order to reverse them, you have to remove lower blocking cards and transfer them to the central stack.

On the central card you can put the card only 1 point less or 1 point more. The transferred card gives you a new number, without altering the principle of “plus or minus one”.

If there are no open cards of relevant values in the layout, use the supporting deck (the stock), and close the central card until you get the opportunity to remove the card from the towers. You can use the supporting deck only once. You cannot cancel the move.

The game is won, when two of the three towers have disappeared, and there are very few cards in the third one. Absolute victory is a rare reward for real knights of the card country!

Control: by mouse

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