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Play Paris solitaire online for freeThis standard solitaire, executed in a fascinating French style, without a doubt, will appeal to all players. The essence of it is to collect all the cards in four piles of suit, from the Ace to the King himself.

How to play

To play, you need one deck with 52 cards. It is necessary to shift the cards, opening the closed ones. Aces, as soon as they appear, must be moved to the upper free cells. Then they already need to add other cards in ascending order. The last must be laid by the king.

To move the cards you need to follow some sequence in their folding:

  • Outside the upper limit of the cards, cards can be shifted when their suit is interleaved.
  • A portable card must necessarily be lower by one.
  • The post can only be moved completely by dragging the highest card, or by taking one at a time from the end.

When a cell in the main field is freed, only the king can be put into it. And then on it you can collect a column, freeing up other closed cards.

In addition to the maps already laid out, there is a residual deck in the left upper left corner. It can be shifted unlimited number of times in search of the necessary card.

Control: by mouse

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