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4 Suit Spider

4 Suit Spider, play 4 Suit Spider Solitaire online for freeThe card game “Spider” is a customary game, installed on any computer so almost everyone was hot upon the scent of the puzzle. When one has the only suit the task is as easy as a pie. Two suits can make a newbie to rack his brains over the point but the game “The Spider Four Suits” is a gamy for high-skilled players.

In free game “The Spider Four Suits” you can cancel any mistaken step or some steps up to the first one, just clicking the button “Back” on the interface. Either hints or full-screen mode and rebut of the game is also available. There’s no timer so one can consider each step carefully. If the game “The Spider Four Suits” is too hard you can play the easiest one(classical “The Spider”) with the only suit.

How to play

When two decks of 52 cards are put into ten heaps(4 heaps of 6 cards and 6 heaps of 5 cards, the other – bank into the left corner), the player sees only the face value of the “opened” cards while the others are “closed” that means they are placed their backs to the viewer.

The player must open and put the cards step by step from one heap to another paying attention to their suits and collecting the card of the same suit together so one must collect the whole row from King to Ace. If he does so, the row is put off from the field and doesn’t participate playing the game anymore.

It’s impossible to clean off the field without using an additional deal from the bank. But one should open as much cards as it is possible before dealing the new line because according to the game one can move from heap to heap only the cards of the same suit. The group of cards that is almost ready for removing while there’s no place for it can be a cause of losing the game.

The beginning of the game

To start the game choose “Spider Four Suits” after loading.
Control: by mouse

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