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CARPET SOLITAIRE, play Carpet Solitaire game online for freeThis card game is the original version of Carpet Solitaire online game. It is not difficult to lay out the new deck of cards according to their value and suits. They have already been put in the right order at the factory. If you shuffle the deck and then try to do the same trick without looking at the cards you will not succeed if you're not a psychic or a card trickster. If you do not limit yourself with transfer rules, all the same you will have to spend five or ten minutes on moving cards from row to row, from column to column. To play this fairly complicated Carpet Solitaire game you must follow very strict transfer rules! And in order to collect the correct sequences of cards you will have to strain your logical thinking for much longer. The greater your victory will be! This wonderful flash game represents a set of 4 versions of popular solitaire games, including online game Carpet Solitaire, which you can play for free and without registration.

How to play

36 cards, 40 cells (4 rows of 10). There is no timer and a purely symbolic scorer and moves counter. You can cancel one move.

At the beginning of the game leftmost cells remain free. You can move only the Ace* into them, it will remain there until the end of the game. You can move cards from other cells and rows onto the vacant locations, but observing one of three conditions:

  • Second left cells are only for the sixes* of the same suit as the neighboring Ace is. In other cases, you can move the cards to empty locations:
  • if the card of the same suit is left of an empty cell with the value of less than 1 of the transferable one;
  • if the card of the same suit is right of an empty cell with the value of more than 1 of the transferable one.

Finally the rows should consist of suited cards, starting with the Aces and ending with the Kings. The tenth cells should be empty.


In the beginning of the game you can move not all the Aces and the sixes to their intended locations. Also you decide for yourself what suit in what row stands, analyzing the location of the cards at the start.
Control: by mouse

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