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Ancient Egypt Pyramid Solitaire onlineEgyptian Solitaire is an arcade game based on real events. When the Aswan Dam was being built an ancient Egyptian temple complex of Abu Simbel occurred in a flood zone. To save historic buildings for descendants and to attract tourists, it was decided to move the temples and statues to a safe place. In tandem with these activities, large-scale diggings were carried out. You can see the results of these diggings in Egyptian museums.

You have to appear as an Egyptian archeologist and builder and to relocate the pyramid complex to the other place. Disassemble it carefully, brick by brick, and the other team will be responsible for the building. You will just see the result. And you will get a great sum into your account!

This solitaire is similar to Pyramid Solitaire. We highly recommend to play!

How to play

Math will help you clear the playing field. Each card has its numeric value. King has 13, Queen has 12, and Jack has 11. The remaining cards correspond to the numbers on them.

The layout is in the form of a pyramid, cards overlap each other. You can remove them from the bottom upwards, starting with the free ones. The cards are removed in pairs; the sum must always make 13. Only Kings are removed in splendid isolation.

Supporting deck provides you with 3 cards at a time; you can turn it over once. But the cards are not removed from it, they lie on one another. They can be used further if nothing lies on them.

For the extreme case there is a cell where you can move the only card from the layout. It is the very obstructive card from the unblocked ones in the layout or in the supporting stack. Then you can remove it according to the principle of “13”.

The game has a timer! It is a multi-level game, the scores are saved until you`re winning.

Control: by mouse

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