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Pirate Solitaire free onlineThe life of pirates has always been a close to death. They did not know whether they would lay their wild heads in battle, drown in a stormy ocean, drink rum to death or be turned up on a ship for a riot on a ship. Therefore, we were in a hurry to live as if every minute was the last. Even in the cards they did not play "for a little". Give them all or nothing! And in order to complicate the task, and find out whether Fortune loves a player, even in solitaire, they did not give concessions. No tips, no cancellations of the move, no choices ... Play the game "Pirate" solitaire to feel the severity of that era.

How to play

To collect all the cards for aces by suit - think so easy? When moving between the stacks on the field, only the suit and suit can be moved in descending order. When the Spare Deck is limited to 16 cards and melts, it melts ... When the timer snaps off the last seconds of a five-minute ... The main secret of luck is to be able to free at least one cell on the playing field in order to get a place to maneuver. A card or a group of cards of the same suit are transferred to the released cell in a descending sequence - only the transfer opens access to the cards lying below. But during the game you can build upward sequences on aces by double-clicking or dragging a two on an ace, a three on a two, and so on. And the mocker-Fortuna mockingly shows how many moves you have left before the defeat. Each is like a step on a board overboard ...
Control: by mouse

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