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2 Suit Spider Solitaire
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2 Suit Spider Solitaire

2 Suit Spider Solitaire, play 2 Suit Spider Solitaire online for freeIf you had four decks of 52 cards at once, you would have to take away all the diamonds and clubs to play this solitaire. Free solitaire game “2 Suit Spider” is played only with spades and hearts. But this does not mean that the game is easier! Playing “home” computer variant of the game you can cancel the move if you have made a mistake or want to see what cards are still in the closed stacks. Playing “2 Suit Spider” online you will not be allowed to do it. Therefore, any move should be thought over and the consequences should be estimated before the mouse cursor picks up the card and transfers it to the selected location.

And to add some drive, the creators of the virtual game have limited your time (10 minutes) and the number of game points (500). But how does the scorer relates to this? The fact is that each move takes 1 point and each collected sequence of cards adds 100 points. So if you get to zero points, the game will be lost before the time is over.

Play free online solitaire game “2 Suit Spider”, try not to cancel the moves, and share your results in the game comments! If the version of the game with two suits is too tricky for you, play Spider Solitaire. It is the most popular classic version of the game.

How to play

Press on the card and transfer it with the mouse cursor. Place the cards from King to Deuce and Ace in descending order. Temporarily you can place a minor card of one suit onto a major one of the other suit (for example, a spade 10 onto a heart Jack), but you can move only suited columns from place to place. You can carry any card or any group of the same suit to the free cell. When the column of the same suit from King to Ace is completely collected, it goes out.

If all the deliberate movements are done, you can (and should) deliver a new series from the “bank” deck and continue sorting until full victory or defeat.

Control: by mouse

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