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Play Scorpion Solitaire online for freeYour luck is like a scorpion. If you catch its tail it can neither escape nor bite you. But it won`t be easy to understand where Scorpion`s tail, which you are going to hold, is. You don`t know how many cards there are in seven columns of random cards. Four columns have only half the cards open and the eighth column (support one) contains only three cards and it is better not touch them yet...

The possibility to move even a group of unsuited cards beyond any sequence from column to column confuses the player... But this is the tail! This is the key to the solitaire.

How to play

The goal of the game is to collect all the cards of the same suit in four columns, beginning with King and ending with Ace. In addition, each suit must be located in a separate column. It is logical that you need to make the place free, transferring the cards from column to column and while this sorting them according to the value and suit.

Look what cards are in the lowermost columns. You can move a single card or a group of cards just onto them. Find the cards of the same suit, but one value point less than open one. Holding the mouse over the card you are interested in, you can move it and everything below it onto the open card in a different column. It does not matter what suit and value have the remaining cards.

When one of the columns becomes free, you can move any King, both single and the one under the cards, to the free cell.

It is important! Try not to finish all the rows with Aces. You cannot place anything else on Ace. Open three supporting cards only as a last resort.

The game has a timer and a scorer, but they influence only the rating.

Control: by mouse

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