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Halloween SolitaireA house for restless souls in the place of each gravestone? Why not! Maybe then zombies, vampires and witches will visit each other and forget the way to our nightmares? Halloween is the best time for it. Halloween in the form of a virtual solitaire is the best place for it. A card deck will play the role of building material. And to meet the needs of evil, every house should consist of three rooms. The layout also has three peaks. How many houses will you have to build? Know this having passed all the levels of the game.

How to play

All the cards on the playing field are face down, except for the ten cards in the base of the three-headed pyramid and the basic one, on which you will put the card bricks. To the left of the base card there are a number of support cards that have no place in the solitaire.

You can put unsuited cards on the base card, but the value must be 1 point less or more. When the base card is covered with a new one, it becomes the base card and now you have to look for the “plus/ minus one” card for it. As you unlock the cards in the layout they become available and you can remove them.

When there is no relevant according to the value card in the layout, you move the card from the stock. It may be one card or more, until there is a continuation in the layout.

When there is no stock left, there is still the last chance. It is the “Wild Card” to the right of the base one. It covers any card and any card can be put on it.

The more cards there are left in the deck when the playing field is empty, the bigger bonus you get. If you save the “Wild Card”, you also get the bonus, as well as for the time remaining on the timer. friendly websites

Control: by mouse

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