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Golf SolitaireThe solution of this solitaire game is like golf. You move from hole to hole making one stroke at a time, sometimes getting into the lake or into the bunkers and losing balls. But the cards are instead the balls, the playing field of online Golf Solitaire is instead the lawn, the “home” cell is instead the hole. Kings and Aces play the role of traps and water hazards, and a set of spare balls (i.e. cards) is limited with 16 pieces. And you have only 10 minutes!

How to play

In the beginning of the game the cards are laid out on the playing field. There are 7 columns of 5 open cards; one card is on the “home” field and the remaining 16 are in the stock with the faces down. The task is to put the cards one by one onto the “home” card to clear the playing field and the stock.

You can use the cards only at the bottom of the columns, which are not blocked. You can put unsuited cards onto the “home” card, but their value should be one point less or more than the value of the card which is already in the “house”.

The task is complicated by two constraints. King in the “house” can be covered only with the card from the stock, and only Deuce can be put on Ace. Leave the stock for the case of emergency!

The cards don`t move between the columns of the playing field. Wrong move is not possible, as well as it is not possible to cancel the already made one.

Control: by mouse

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