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SPIDER SOLITAIRE, play Spider Solitaire card game online for freeSpider Solitaire card game became popular at the same time with the mass distribution of computers. The overwhelming majority of people in the world played this solitaire at least once. And despite the fact that today there is a large range of modern and exciting games, many people remain faithful to their preferences and enjoy solitaire.

The advantage of this game lies in its fascinating ability to train memory and logic, without which you will not succeed in defeating the “Spider”. You cease to notice how gradually you approach the most difficult cuts of cards playing on the first level of complexity. And then you win.

This version of “Spider” is unique in its design; you can play for free and select whole screen mode. Standard green background is replaced by a pleasant blue screen saver. There is a time counter, and the number of steps counter. Everything is done to avoid distracting the player from thinking carefully over the next steps.

Play online card game Spider Solitaire on our website free of charge and without registration. Share your results in comments under the game!

How to play

The game is played with 104 cards, that is, 2 decks. The first 54 cards are involved in the beginning of the game; they are uniformly laid out into 10 columns. But the number of cards in each of them turns out to be different. The player sees only the top cards of the columns, all the rest are closed. This solitaire is based on moving open cards from column to column.

There are a few rules

  • You can put the card of any value and suit onto the free cell where there once was a column.
  • Regardless of the suit, each top card can be laid out on the next-highest card.
  • The resulting stack of suited cards can be moved as one card. They should be in the right order.
  • If it is difficult to make a move during the course of the game, the player can scatter additional cards.
  • Once all the cards of the same suit are collected in descending order into the column, it is removed and the space for the game becomes free.

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