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Mystic Solitaire


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Mystic Solitaire

Mystic Solitaire (Halloween edition)Who will dare to see, what will happen, if you solve this solitaire at midnight in the cemetery on Halloween, which coincides with the full moon? With spell cards in which the ghosts live? Too rare combination of circumstances which might open the one who will risk incredible secrets...

If you do not have a magical deck of cards, and not all the signs take place, you can practice on the online Mystic Solitaire. It is a very difficult solitaire that could never be solved, if not the very ghosts who will help the player in a difficult moment.

How to play

The main figures of these cards are vampires (Kings), and you have to make them go back to their graves. But at first, catch their tails (Aces)! To find the Aces in four stacks on the playing field, open the cards one by one, move them from place to place, alternating red and black in descending order. Found Ace can immediately “be buried”, drag it to the suited gravestone, and then you can “bury” 2, 3 and so on.

You can transfer any King into the empty place to the left, and collect there a descending chain. A card or a group of cards are transferred to the empty places. Transfer groups and single cards from column to column, but in descending order and alternating red and black.

Four empty sockets at the right top, the remains of the deck in the crystal ball and the ghosts that during the game fall into the magical elixirs from the cards will help you in a difficult situation. The first changes the suit of the card, the second allows to remove the card from the layout to the crystal ball, the third allows you to put the card of more than one into the head of the column, the fourth allows to get a lucky card from the overturned ones. Magic works until you have the elixir, and the number of ghosts is limited! Save them!

Control: by mouse

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