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Bliss Solitaire

Play Bliss Solitaire for freeOnline game Bliss Solitaire has really pleasant design that gives you rest. It represents a lagoon with huts on stilts on the banks of which palms and flowers grow. Butterflies are flying, soft music is playing... A card layout appears against the background of this beauty. You have to clear the playing field from the cards, taking them one by one from the layout to the base cards. The rules are quite simple and successful solutions will help you to earn extra bonus cards, which will help you in a difficult situation. Every level of the quest is as a series of pearl shells. The more complicated the task is the larger the pearl is...

How to play

The number of cards in the layouts may differ on different levels as well as the form of the layout. Some cards on the playing field are open and they block the rest of the cards that are face down. They open as far as the space becomes free. There is a base card under the playing field (of accidental value), and there is a deck next to it (the cards are closed). One card at a time is removed from the playing field to the base card. The removable card must be 1 point less or more than the base one. The removed card becomes the base one, the game is continued.

If there are no appropriate cards on the field, click on the stock, look for the relevant one. The stock is limited, so try to save it. You can cancel the move, but it takes 50 points from the player's account. The games and the results are saved until you enter the game for the next time.


There are two bonuses: a butterfly allows you to remove any intervening card from the field; a flower is removed to any base card, any card from the field can be put on it. You can earn butterflies if you remove the card with the butterfly background value and block it according to the rules of the game.

Control: by mouse

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