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Algerian Patience

Play Algerian Patience online for freeFree Solitaire “Algerian Patience” helped the Algerian Berbers pass the midday hours and forget about the heat. When you leisurely think about solving a difficult logical problem you concentrate your attention and patience on the solitaire cards and forget about everything.

But these days, even the nomads in the desert are using the Internet. Paper cards are replaced by online Solitaire, i.e. “Algerian Patience”. Dunes sand is moving slowly, the timer is tickling slowly under the online solitaire game window. You may think forever, but to solve the solitaire all the cards from the playing field and the stock must be sorted according to their suits and transferred to the “home” field. One deck should be laid out from Kings to Deuces and Aces, the second one should be laid out from Aces to Kings through Deuce.

How to play

Cards on the playing field are moved between the columns according to their suits and numerical values (one less or more). First of all Aces and Kings are sent to the base cells, and then the sequence is laid on them (in descending order on Kings, in ascending order on Aces). In the beginning of the game Aces and Kings are in play, you need to find them and to think well whether to leave them in the game, or to move into the “home” field. You can return the cards into the game from the “home” field if necessary.

For each move you can drag with the cursor only one card. Groups of cards cannot be moved! You can move the cards into the “home” field by double-clicking the mouse, to return the card just drag it to the necessary location.

The stock is in the upper left corner, it is used when all available moves on the playing field are made. When you click on it the stock provides you 2 times with 6 cards, they are laid out on supporting cards under the playing field. The last 3 cards of the stock are laid out directly on the playing field.

Control: by mouse

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