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Play Chinese Solitaire game online for freeThis version is similar to Crescent Solitaire. Two decks of 52 cards is less than a company of soldiers, but it is difficult to get them back from the AWOL. Each card should take its place, and you will be running the show. The fact that all the cards in the stacks are turned face up will be a little helpful, and picking up the card you will see the one that is beneath it. It allows you to observe the situation a step forward, but at the same time it complicates the task because you have to keep in mind twice as much information. And the amount of information will increase while preparing to transfer the cards to the base!

How to play

There are 8 cards in the center, which are 4 Kings and 4 Aces, the other two decks cards are mixed and laid out in the form of a fan in equal stacks around the base ones. The task is to move all the cards from the fan to the base.

You can move only one card at a time! You have to put suited cards on Kings in descending order or on Aces in ascending order.

You can move cards from stack to stack in a semicircle, but these should be only the suited cards of neighboring values ??(more or less). Also, you can transfer the cards back to the semicircle from the base, if there is a desired sequence number. You cannot move anything to the semicircle free cells!

If there are no possible moves, you can use the “Shuffle” button. The cards in a semicircle will be shuffled; the cards on the base will remain unchanged. You have 3 opportunities. Do you have any difficulties in making the move? You have 5 tips (the “Hint” button). There is no timer, but there are a scorer and a move counter available, which switch off the game automatically if no moves and shuffles are left.

Control: by mouse

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