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Japanese SolitaireOnly the “Relax” level is available in the online version of Japanese Solitaire. There is no scoring, and the timer does not matter, but the layout is the same. To open the way to the quest game in which colorful backgrounds, bonuses and fascinating layouts are waiting for you, you need to download the full version of the game.

But if you need nothing but the rest from Japanese Solitaire, you can play online, each time leaving the menu and starting the game again.

How to play

The cards are evenly laid out in thirteen stacks on the playing field. You have to move them to the four “home” cells, starting with Aces and strictly according to the suits.

But Aces can be anywhere! You can find them moving the cards from pile to pile, creating descending sequences with alternate arrangement of red and black cards like in Klondike Solitaire. You can also move parts of sequences from pile to pile, as well as full sequences onto the free cell of the playing field. The latter is possible if King is the head of the sequence.

You can see the cards at the bottom, too. Put the cursor on each group of cards, they will grow slightly apart, making their value and suit visible.

Click the mouse twice to move Aces and other cards onto “home” cells. You can cancel the move.

Control: by mouse

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