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Play Russian Solitaire game online for freeIt is a very original version of free Russian Solitaire game designed in the USSR style. When we are limited in time we start to rush. The adrenaline is provided and the activity of our brain and body becomes more intensive. However, we can make a lot of mistakes being in a hurry and excited. But it`s just Russian Solitaire, but not Russian Roulette, and the defeat will not have fatal consequences. You will have just to replay. Another time you will be lucky.

How to play

No matter how the cards are laid out on the playing field, there is only one principle of the moves: WE REMOVE THE CARDS THAT HAVE THE SAME VALUE. Stack cards and two supportive cards below are used. Click on the paired cards, and they will be removed in the lower right corner. Those that were beneath them will turn over and come into play.

When all open pairs are removed, you can click on the stock. It will provide you with a couple of supportive cards. Keep this up. The stock can be used repeatedly, the reverse is automatic.

When there will be no card in the stacks, a new layout will open. However, the timer will not be reset to zero!

How many rounds will you manage to play in the remaining seconds?

Control: by mouse

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