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Mahjong Tower SolitaireWhat do the Bridge and the Butterfly, the Crown and the Diode have in common? What similarities can be found between astrological signs and the currencies of the world? The answer is very simple. These are figures of Tower Solitaire game, one of the most interesting varieties of online Mahjong. More than thirty layouts and their number may increase with your help! The constructor is added to the game and every player can build his masterpiece from domino cubes, save it in the gallery, and if the creators of the game will like it, it will be added to the list of available layouts. But the simplicity of the secret of figures does not mean that all the layouts will be simple. The game has the levels of difficulty for a beginner, as well as for a topnotch. Whoever you are, look through the gallery and choose something interesting. The level of complexity and the number of game pieces are specified. If you liked this game, we recommend you to play mahjong solitaire, a more complicated and popular version of the game.

How to play

You can start the game from any level by selecting from the “Select Layout” list.

Look for visually identical symbols on the dominoes and click on them with the left mouse button. But only those pieces which have at least one long side free will be removed. And as the layouts often have many layers; be sure that the desired pieces lay on top.

Do not focus your brain on destroying one side of the tower or any other figure. You can occur in a stalemate when there are few pieces on the field, and the last paired ones lie one on the other and you cannot take them off. “Shuffle” button can help you but the fewer dominoes there are on the field the less is the probability of a successful change of the layout.

The game has a scorer and a timer that affects the additional bonus points. The faster you remove the pieces, the more is the bonus. When you stop you lose bonuses.

Control: by mouse

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