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Desert Solitaire

Play Desert Solitaire game online for freeMultilevel Desert Solitaire will open the secret routes of nomads, hide you in the palms` shade during the hot afternoon, and give you some water to drink from the oasis well. The tops of the dunes, wild camels and dry shrubs will pass you by.

These things and much more will wait for you in the forms of the layouts, which will change from level to level, complicating the task. But the rules will remain unchanged.

Will you manage to pass the route, or the sands of the desert will swallow your bones?

How to play

Each time the layout form is different. The number of cards on the playing field and in the stock depends on it.

It is necessary to move all the cards from the field to the base, each time removing the card of one value point more or less than the base one from the layout. The suit does not matter.

If there is no relevant card in the open cards of the layout, use the stock, covering the basic deck, and try to find the variants of new moves.

The level is won if there are no cards on the playing field. The new one will open automatically.

The level is lost, if it is impossible to make any move, and there are no cards in the stock. It will be complete defeat. Remember, a desert is not a thing to be trifled with.

Control: by mouse

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