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Secret Double Solitaire

Secret Double SolitaireSecret Double Solitaire -this solitaire is quite complicated, since some actions are simply impossible to undo, and most of the cards are hidden. It is impossible to calculate the strategy to the end. The essence of the game is to arrange all the cards in eight columns in suits from ace to king.

How to play

Two decks of 52 cards are required to play. Above the playing field there are eight cells (two for each suit), in which you will need to shift aces. After that, they will be able to collect the remaining cards of the same suit. You can move cards to the top by dragging and double-clicking them.

To assemble a sequence, you will need to move the cards, shifting them to each other. The rules for doing this are elementary:

You can shift to any card, the value of which is higher by one. The suit is not important.

Columns are transferred freely, regardless of the suit cards, their components.

Not all cards are laid out on the playing field in columns. Below them is the rest of the deck of 55 cards. It is there that are missing for a particular column. But you can only open this deck once - when you turn the next card over, the previous unused one automatically becomes inaccessible until all the cards that overlap it are removed.

Secret Double Solitaire Tips

It is possible at the very beginning of the game to completely decompose the deck, and then click on Restart Deck - this will allow you to know approximately how the cards are located in it. After restart they will not change their position.

Any unsuccessful move can be canceled. Or completely start the game again with the same map layout.

Control: by mouse

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