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Play Crescent Solitaire online for freeOnce Crescent Solitaire was just a magnificent card game, it was a leisure activity for women. Now it is a serious pastime, which gives you fascinating rest, as well as promotes your mental abilities, improves logical perception, memory, attention, intuition and nonverbal thinking.

Free online game Crescent Solitaire is one of the popular card entertainments. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that you have to analyze a large number of card positions at the same time.

The player's task is to put on the Kings all the cards in descending order into the central stacks, and to make the same thing with the Aces in ascending order. Each stack has its own suit.

How to play

Use 104 cards for the game; these are two decks of 52 standard playing cards, which are arranged in 24 stacks in a particular order.

8 stacks are located in 2 rows in the middle of the playing field. Each stack has one card. There are 4 Kings in the first row and 4 Aces in the second one.

The remaining 16 stacks are laid out from left to right in the form of a crescent (4-8-4 stacks). One stack contains 6 random cards.

During the game, the cards are shuffled only three times. You have to achieve the final result putting the cards from one stack to another.

    The player can:
  • Move one card from any deck to the upper central row, but strictly according to the suit and in descending order.
  • Move one card from any deck to the lower central row, but strictly according to the suit and in ascending order.
  • Move the cards from the central stacks on each other, observing the conditions described above.
  • Move a card from the stacks of the crescent on each other according to the suit. These cards should differ in one value point and should be laid out in descending order, as well as in ascending order.


  • 1. You can easily move the card by clicking on it. Thus, before you put it into a different position, it is possible to prospect the following one. Thanks to this method you can avoid unwarranted moves and notice the location of the relevant cards.
  • 2. You cannot use empty cells. So do not rush to transfer the last sixth card to the other deck, it can still be useful.
  • 3. You can shuffle the cards only when there are no possible moves. While shuffling the bottom card in each deck becomes the top one.
  • Control: by mouse

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