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Mahjong Solitaire

Play Mahjong Solitaire game online for freeOnly at first glance the playing field of free Mahjong Solitaire game is filled with various random drawings and hieroglyphics. If you look closer you`ll guess a spider and a cat, a castle and a boat, and many other figures built with the Chinese domino...

The fascinating process of solving card game Mahjong Solitaire puzzle brings you intellectual and aesthetic pleasure, trains attention and memory, learns to think over the moves and predict the results. An observant person can guess ordinary numbers from 1 to 9 in circles, dots, and sticks of the game. There are several hieroglyphics except for the figures on the field duplicated in Latin letters for Europeans, four pictures of plants and four seasons.

The Chinese may give a deeper meaning to this pastime, but for us Mahjong Solitaire is just a game. Its goal is to clear the field as fast as possible and score more points. Games go one after another, but you have only 20 minutes.

How to play

Look for the same dominoes, which have at least one long side free. Click on the paired ones and they will disappear, allowing access to the neighboring game pieces. Plants and seasons don`t have accurate pairs, but they can be removed by combining them with any piece of their group. If you have removed all possible open pairs and there are no further moves, but the field has not yet been cleared use the “Shuffle” button. The remaining pieces will be swapped in a random order, without changing the general figure, but you will lose 500 points.

Each removed pair has its value, and brings a different number of points to your account. 20 minutes later the results are presented. You can save them and compare them with the achievements of other players in the book of records.

Control: by mouse

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