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Deuces Solitaire online for freeYou won`t be able to play online solitaire game Merry Deuces without laughing. It seems you have collected a nice fragment of the sequence, the second half of it stands near it, and to make the space for new combinations leading to the victory free you have only to combine the columns transferring the cards. But it would be not so! Do you have enough cells to rearrange cards one by one from column to column? You say you lack one? Well, what will you do? Think! Maybe you will be lucky and will solve the solitaire.

How to play

At first glance, it`s a simple task. You have to put two poker decks in ascending order, suit on suit on the already “domesticated” Merry Deuces. There are only ten cards on the field, you can transfer them suited in descending order, and the others are waiting in the spare deck. And here's the trick! Though the stock gradually opens all its cards, but each new card blocks the previous one. The situation is as in the proverb, “the elbow is near, but try and bite it”. Where is the way out?

You have to make the game cells free and build the columns, starting with Aces. Keep some cells open for the maneuver because you can transfer only one card at a time from column to column. Throw the lower cards into the “house” in time. Dig to the depths of the spare row. Keep a balance between all parts of the solitaire. Think!

Control: by mouse

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