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Play FreeCell Solitaire game online for freeCards in the online FreeCell Solitaire are laid out on the playing field in eight columns, half-overlapping each other. Only eight cards are available, you need to reach the rest ones, shifting available cards from column to column. Once you have opened the Ace it will move to one of the basic cells, taking Deuces, Treys and so on... The goal of the game is to move all the cards to the base. But there are several conditions that are described in the Rules.

How to play

You can move a single card or a piece of a sequence from column to column, if the number of cards is equal to or less than the number of empty cells on the playing field and in the upper left corner. You have to put the red card on the black one, and vice versa, in descending order.

4 empty cells in the upper left corner represent the space to maneuver. You can temporarily place there interfering cards. You can put only one card on each of them. The length of the columns on the playing field is not limited by anything; you can even move all the cards (alternating red and black).

Base 4 cells are in the upper right corner. Aces are the basic cards for them, strictly according to the suit. The rest of the nuances of the game are immaterial and you will understand them in the process of playing.

Control: by mouse

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