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Fairway Solitaire

Play Fairway Solitaire online for freeA crazy mix of several games at once, which will allow not only to relax, but also to think carefully to win. In the "Fairway" solitaire the factor of luck, expressed in unexpectedly appearing bonus cards, fits in perfectly. All together this is a wonderful and interesting game for any person.

How to play

In the solitaire game "Fairway" on the playing field, stylized under the golf course, has gaming cards. Above and a little to the left there is a tablet on which it is indicated how many more cards must be destroyed (Cards + ..). As soon as the number is shown with a minus sign - it means the round is passed.

Immediately below the playing field is a deck and one base card facing the player. It will need to move all the other cards from the field. A deck is a "rest", you can take cards from it when you can not make a move. On the card that lies next to the remainder, you can place cards of any suit. The only condition is that they are one or more per unit. If the player is mistakenly mistaken, he can cancel his move once.

During the game some special cards may be caught:

  • "Beaver" is a game at risk. You can just pay a fine in one card from the "balance", and you can take a chance. In case of a loss, all the cards from the "remainder" will disappear, which in most cases means complete defeat.
  • "Stick" - the card will add one stick to the bag. There will be a number on it. If you use this stick, it will re-make the base card into your own number.
  • Blocked maps. They will be located to the right of the main game board. They will need to be opened before they can be destroyed. Usually this is done by destroying something that stands out on the main field of cards (blue or brightly colored).

Based on the results of the three games, it will be determined whether the player has passed the level. If yes - then he moves on to the next one and tries to win already there.

Player Tips

  • Try to line up combinations of two or more cards in a row.
  • Protect "Keys" in case of emergency.
  • Try to immediately unlock the closed cards.
Control: by mouse

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